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Steven Kirkwood




Berkley grad and war veteran, Steve has turned his vast knowledge of carpentry, history, and creativity into making one of a kind tables and lighting.  While this may be Steve's "retirement" job, it seems he's only just getting started!  Steve is also a licensed contractor with the State of California, and a former member of the Dunsmuir Planning Commission.

Lennan's Junktion is a family business located in the quaint small town of Dunsmuir, California.  Our father and son team, Steven Kirkwood and Dylan Lennan, are the creative force behind the store.  Steve and Dylan make the custom, re-purposed furniture and  lighting.  Each piece is unique  and one of a kind . We believe that just because something is "old," its value is only increased .  When we make a piece, we strive to use as much locally sourced materials as possible.  

The Next Gen...

Lucas, Abigail, and Noah

When you come into our store, you'll often see one or more teenagers sitting behind the counter.  Our three teens are involved in the store in a variety of ways.  Each have  their own talents, strengths, and interests.  As they grow older we hope to use those skills in the store!

Lucas:  The oldest and the one you'll probably see working the most.  Lucas has an interest in computers and electronics.

Abigail: Abby has a huge range of skills and hobbies.  She is a very talented young artist in the style of Anime.

Noah:  Noah's interests may change every other minute, but he is extremely talented in music.  He has a gifted ability in drums and guitar.

When the three of them put their minds together they can achieve some pretty amazing things.

Where Old Meets New

About Us

Shannon Lennan

-Web design/management

-Facebook design/management

-eBay store manager

-The person who knows how Spotify works

Normally you'll find Shannon teaching Preschool during the school year (which she loves and has an Md. Ed. in),  but during the summer, you'll find her working in the shop and trying on the vintage clothes and hats when she gets bored.  Shannon also runs all things Internets based for the company...web design, Facebook, and eBay.  She is also the one who gets early morning calls on why  Spotify isn't  working.  Shannon is also a member of the Dunsmuir Rotary Club

Dylan Lennan




Graduate from The Harker School and Archbishop Mitty High School, and former Executive Chef and Restaurant Manager from the Bay Area, came to Dunsmuir to be with family and leave the non-stop Bay Area scene.  While working with his Father, Mother and Auntie, the business of Lennan's Junktion was put together.  As the business developed, Dylan realized he had an ability for creating unique lighting and furniture pieces.  He  has the ability to see things put together while only obtaining the first piece.  Dylan is also an active member of the community as the Dunsmuir Chamber President.

Our store is truly a family business.  Our Auntie Hedy is a buyer for the store, makes the childrens clothes, and adds her own flare.  Heather Kirkwood is the matron  of the family  and the founder of the store.  You will also find find Dylan's wife, Shannon running our online marketing and sales, and our three teenagers, Lucas, Abigail and Noah helping out!

Hedy Moberly "Auntie"

-Hand sewn children's clothing

-Custom orders


Auntie Hedy is the female touch of the store!  She does all of our hand embellished children's clothing, does oil painting and other crafts on the side, is a buyer for the store, and can do some custom orders for sewing or bead work.  Shannon and her can spend hours discussing Game of Thrones!  Auntie Hedy is also the Vice President of the Dunsmuir Botanical Garden Board, which hosts the Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra for the annual Tribute to the Trees Concert.

The Family Who Creates Together...

Heather Kirkwood




Former restaurant manager and Executive Director of Marriott in the Bay Area, Heather has a sharp eye for business and detail. She was the vision behind the store and is the watchful matron of the family!  She helps make the children's clothes by doing the tie-dye on them.